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Art: Is it purely visual, aesthetic, beautiful or is it more? Does it grow from inside; does it begin in the roots of the human soul? Is it a drive, a passion or ultimately a lifestyle?

Art is the communication between cultures, generations and genders, a tool of self-expression that cannot be repressed or ignored. It is the product of all thoughts and ideas in a tangible form and at times no form at all.

It is an attempt to crossover into one another’s minds to explain things that cannot be explained, to say things that cannot be said, to write things that cannot be written.

It is a passion from within that cannot be controlled; it has it known intelligence and its own beat. It consumes and attacks all who pass its way and leaves everything yet nothing to the imagination at the same time.It is what is needed to survive, the beginning of every innovation.

Art is an escape from the mundane the ordinary and an open door to an individuals existence. It cannot be understood or truly appreciated through written word.Who I am and what I believe is communicated in my art through all the senses. My paintings and drawings


You will never be able to grasp who I am as an artist in a few paragraphs. So put this down, forget it, dismiss it, and go experience my art.









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